UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Minutes of Meeting 12th April 2016

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital, 6.00 pm

Jane Montgomery    Secretary            Alistair Morrison    Treasurer

Moira Sykes        Steward            Gillian Macdonald     ULR

Chrisann Munro    Steward            Janet Tierney        Steward

Kath Mace        Welfare Officer                    


1.    Apologies

Apologies have been received from Richard Galloway, Mairi Murray, Stephan Smit and Moira Mackenzie

2.    Approval of Minutes

February minutes were approved.

3.    Matters Arising


    12    Issue:        Budget Setting

Discussion:    This has still to be done


3.2    Issue:        PAAW

Discussion:    This is still no further forward.  Auditors are under the impression that this will level itself out throughout the year.  Marion Geddes is awaiting their report.

    Staff Side have submitted a grievance re back pay.  A meeting to discuss the progress on this has to be organised.

4.    Treasurer's Report

        Issue:        Report

                        Discussion:    Alistair Morrison submitted a report stating that at the 31st March 2016 the accounts were:

                Current Account        £17,351.16

                Industrial Action Fund    £378.69

                Chairperson Altocard        £438.38

                Secretary Altocard        £280.29

                Treasurer Altocard        £56.06

                Petty Cash             £16.18

                Total                £18,520.75


There are two cheques not cashed to the value of £863.07, one from 2015 and one from 2016.

5.    Secretary's Report

        Issue:        Report

Discussion:    Joiners 3, Leavers 5.


6.    Welfare Officer's Report

        Issue:        Report

Discussion:    Don Murray from Occupational Health has asked if we would sponsor bibs for  his football team.  We have received a proforma for £88.  The committee approved this 

Issue:    Welfare AGM

Discussion    There will be an AGM for the Welfare committee held the day before National Conference in Brighton.  Kath will attend this.  


7.    Health & Safety

        Issue:        Health & Safety Report

Discussion:    No Report

8.    Education Officer’s Report

        Issue:        No Report

Discussion:    We have three new ULRs going for training.

9.    Health & Social Care Integration

    Issue:        Report

Discussion:    This is now moving and letters are expected to go out to all staff who will be affected

10.    Trade Union Bill

    Issue:        Information

            Discussion:    On 19/04 there will be a discussion re Docas payments for subs coming from wages, there will be a debate in the House of Lords.

11.      AGM

           Issue:    This will be removed from the Agenda


12.    AOCB    :    

    Issue:        Treasurer

Discussion:    It was agreed that we will need to contact the Scottish Secretary to request that Alistair continue on as the branch Treasurer.

Issue:    Disability PIN Guidelines

Discussion:    These are currently under review.  It has been suggested that we should keep an eye in boards as to the treatment of staff with disabilities.

Issue:    Student Nurses Bursary

Discussion:    This is still ongoing.  There has been discussion of a hustings where this will be discussed

Meeting closed at 7.00pm

Date of Next Meeting

Date:    Tuesday 10th May 2016

Time        6:00pm

Venue:    Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital