Reasons to Join UNISON


Most people join a union because they want protection at work - help with pay and conditions of service, legal or health and safety advice or representation in case things go wrong at work. That's what we're here for. UNISON negotiates on pay and working conditions at every level - local, regional and national.


UNISON also offers you:


    •    Excellent legal services at work and in the home.

    •    Education and training advice and courses leading to vocational and professional             qualifications.

    •    A colour magazine sent to your home four times a year; a fortnightly newspaper for our         stewards and activists and a full range of publicity.

    •    Pensions advice and welfare services as well as certain benefits guaranteed by our         rulebook.

    •    Accident and injury compensation.

    •    Exclusive member discounts.


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We always welcome members wishing to become more active, the training and support is excellent, and very interesting, read a description of Workplace Steward training here