UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Minutes of Meeting Tuesday 10th November 2015

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital - 6pm


Mairi Murray, Chairperson            Janet Tierney, Secretary

Alistair Morrison, Treasurer            Janet Marshall, Communication Officer

Kath Mace, Steward                Chris Ann Munro, Steward


1.     Apologies

    Apologies have been received from Moira Sykes, Stephan Smit and Alison MacVie.

2.    Approval of Minutes.

    The minutes of October’s minutes were approved.

3.    Matters Arising

3.1     Issue:    Health and Social Care Integration

Discussion:     No UNISON staffside representatives were present at meetings and they have not been part of the consultation                 process.

4.    Treasurer's Report

4.1     Issue:         Report

Discussion:      Alastair Morrison submitted a report stating that at 31st October 2015         

the accounts were:

    Current Account:            £16227.19

    Industrial Action Fund:        £    378.69

    Chairperson Altocard        £    199.27

    Secretary Altocard            £    214.76

    Treasurer Altocard            £    499.00

    Petty Cash                £      38.55

    Total:                    £17557.46

4.2    Issue:        Donation to June Poole fund

Discussion:      The Activist June Poole has passed away and the National Disabled Members Committee, Manchester

Region, have asked for a donation towards an event that will raise funds. After discussion a donation of £100 was agreed

5.    Secretary's Report

5.1    Issue:        Joiners and Leavers

Discussion:    A member will be transferring to WI Health Branch from elsewhere.

6.    Welfare

6.1    N/A

7.    Health and Safety

7.1    Issue:        Mairi Murray together with a Health and Safety Officer will be doing a H&S Walkaround on 20th November                     2015.

7.2    Issue:        Staff Rest Area

Discussion:    A suggestion was made that the H&S area be used for staff to take their breaks, eat a packed lunch etc away                     from patients or their desk. The Porters do not have a formal room so they have put seating, a                                 microwave and other items in the Male Changing Room. This is not suitable as a rest room due to the close                     proximity of the lavatory and the inconvenience to other users. It was noted that Occupational                                 Health will be moving to the Health Centre in the near future and a suggestion was made that the Porter have                     that as a dedicated area. There is nothing comparable in the Female Changing Room.

7.3    Issue:        Medical Records

Discussion:    Janet Marshall described how the Medical Records staff are having to use Kicksteps when reaching for                         patient notes on the top of the shelves. This is bad practice as Kicksteps are not to be used when moving                     heavy objects, however this was brought to the attention of the Health and Safety Department and it is                         understood that proper library steps are to be provided. 

8.    Education

8.1    Issue:        Local Training Course

Discussion:    A training course on Child Welfare issues is being arranged locally and details have been circulated.

9.    Health and Social Care Integration

9.1    Issue:        Scope

Discussion:    At present it appears that Adult Services are to be included but there are ambiguities regarding whether                         Children's Services are to be included. The wording in initial documents included District Nurses                             but not Health Visitors, yet more recently it is understood that Children's Services are to be included. The                         document had gone out for consultation before staff knew whether they were to be in or out.                                 There is to be a Strategic Planning meeting in the coming week, the Integration is to be jointly funded by                         CnES and NHS WI. Discussion followed about just which areas of the NHS are to be included.

9.2    Issue:        Staffside

Discussion:    Responses have been sent tot the consultation, now awaiting dates for staffside meetings. This Branch is                     co-ordinating with representatives of other unions. Mairi Murray to raise the issue of the Board being all male                     yet despite the majority of those affected being female.

10.    Trade Union Bill

10.1    Issue:        Consequences

Discussion:    Mairi Murray is co-ordinating with members of other unions to produce a joint statement against the                             proposed bill. Many areas of union activity are likely to be affected by the proposed bill inclused                             direct deductions from wages. There is ambiguity regarding devolved government.

11.    AOCB

11.1    Issue:        Members in other organisations

Discussion:    Chris Ann Munro described how some UNISON members in other fields may lose up to £11,000 due to                         mergers and the shocking work practices.

11.2    Issue:        Support to Student Nurses

Discussion:    Branches are still to decide just how much they are to support student nurses, especially when they do bank                     work.

11.3    Issue:        Communication

        Discussion:     After Janet Marshall showed a short film she had compiled of AGMs and Conferences, social media issues                     were discussed as UNISON Scotland's Communications Group have recommended that                                     Facebook and other social media be used more widely as that way more younger members and potential                         members are likely to be reached. Janet Tierney warned against the use of Facebook, Janet                                 Marshall agreed to contact the Communication Officer of NHS WI to discuss policy.

11.4    Issue:        Slainte and UNISON Magazines

Discussion:    There is to be a Staffside area in Slainte magazine. It was agreed that the subscription of £100 be maintained                     for the UNISON magazine to go out to members.

Next meeting:    Tuesday 8th December at 6:00pm

Classroom, Education Unit