UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Minutes of Meeting 10th June 2014 

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital 6pm


Mairi Murray, Chairperson                                                                                   

Janet Tierney, Secretary

Janet Marshall, Communication Officer

Kath Mace, Steward

Moira Sykes, Steward


1.     Apologies

    Apologies have been received from Alison McVie and Alistair Morrison. Catriona MacAulay tried to VC from Benbecula but the network was not connecting.

2.    Approval of Minutes.

    The minutes of May’s meeting were approved by Moira Sykes.

3.    Matters Arising

    3.1    Issue:         Domestic Issues    

        Discussion:    It has been confirmed the Domestic staff have been receiving the pay uplift. It is paid in the basic hourly rate amount and not separately as in previous years.

    3.2    Issue:        Health & Social Care Integration

        Discussion:    The Scottish Government are sending up a representative to hold a joint meeting with the Health Board and the Comhairle. The meeting will be held in July.

    3.3    Issue:        Mrec

        Discussion:    Dumfries and Galloway are first to pilot Mrec. The 

                Mental Health Department will be the first Department in NHS Western Isles to use Mrec. The Medical Records dept is currently short staffed and a lot of staff will be required to implement Mrec so there is concern as to how the process will work.

4.    Treasurers Report

    4.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    The Treasurer submitted a report stating the balance at 31st May was £13,668.64. The Industrial Action fund is £375.76. The bank account is in the process of changing to Unity Trust.

                The meeting agreed to donate £100 to the Morning Star Appeal.

                Janet M and Kath to order the display equipment at the National Conference, a roll up banner and display pockets for flyers.

5.    Secretary’s Report


    5.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    May’s report shows 1 Joiner and 2 Leavers.

                A letter has been sent to the local MP Angus MacNeil asking for his support against the increase in NMC fees.


6.    Welfare Report

    6.1    Issue:        There is nothing to report on Welfare this month.

7.    Health & Safety

    7.1    Issue:        H&S Meeting

        Discussion:    The Health and Safety meeting was held recently. There was a walkround with staffside yesterday, Mairi Murray and Ross Munro went to several areas. Ross will email Mairi a report on the issues. When visiting Medical Records and Stores they requested a H&S rep from these areas.

8.    Education


    8.1    Issue:        Report

    Discussion:    The UNISON session in the Induction programme for the new students in the University of Stirling Campus will take place on 3rd September 2014. Alison McVie will do the session with Janet T.

            Kath is going to book the New Stewards course in December 2014 for her training. Moira has to complete Part 2 of her new stewards training. 

9.    AOCB

    9.1    Issue:        Communications

        Discussion:    Janet M would like to attend a Communications course so will check the training dates. Janet will also look at creating a Facebook page for the local branch and get a website operational.

    9.2    Issue:        Nursing Conference

        Discussion:    Mairi will attend the Nursing Conference in August.


Meeting closed 8.15pm

Date of Next Meeting 

Date:    8th July 2014.

Time:    6.00pm

Venue:    Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital.