Minutes of UNISON Annual General Meeting

Thursday 10th March 2016

Practical Room, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital





1.    Welcome and Introductions

Mairi Murray welcomed all members to the meeting and introduced Willie Duffy – Regional Organiser, Jane Atkinson – Area     Organiser, Ken Matthews – Regional Organiser and Wilma Kennedy – Scottish Health Council.  


2.    Apologies

Apologies have been received from Catriona Macaulay

3.    Guest Speaker – Willie Duffy, Regional Organiser

Willie gave a presentation on UNISON Pension Choice Briefing, which is attached for information.

There was mention of Lighthouse Financial Advisors and it was agreed that the Branch Ececutive would look at inviting them     to carry out a ‘clinic’ for staff to discuss and get advice on their own pensions choice exercise.

The Chairperson thanked Willie for his presentation    

4.    Approval of Minutes

The minute of the AGM held in 2015 were approved


5.    Chairperson’s Address

The Chair told the meeting that this has been a busy year for the committee with the approval of updated work life balance     policies, i.e Phased Retirement and Paid Parental Leave.   There has also been the Band 1 Review and Paid as if at Work     where arrears of pay are dating back to 2008.This is still ongoing and issues arising with systems in place.  A letter will be     going out to all members and anyone who is affected can get back to us.


6.    Treasurers Report

Alistair reported that the book to the year end 2015 have now been audited.  Statements have been provided along with the     papers for the meeting.  No questions were asked in relation to these.


7.    Honoraria

Alistair explained to the meeting that this is paid annually to the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer made up of 10% of branch     income.  At the time of the meeting there was no definite figure on honoraria, but bur a rough estimate was £4-500 per         person. 

The members agreed to this being paid.

8.    Appointment of Auditors

It was agreed that Christine Kennedy and Sarah Macdonald will continue in their role as auditors

9.    Election of Branch Officers

    The following nominations were approved and accepted


    Chairperson            Mairi Murray

Vice- Chairperson        Stephan Smit

Treasurer                Alistair Morrison

Secretary                Jane Montgomery

Education Officer        Mustapha Hocine

Welfare Officer            Kath Mace

Communications Officer    Janet Marshall

Equality Officer        Gillian Macdonald

As Alistair has agreed to continue as Treasurer, we will have to get this approved nationally.

Ross Munro will discuss Health and Safety Training with members with an interest in becoming H&S reps

10.    Election of Stewards

    Admin                Richard Galloway

                        Chris Ann Munro

    Dental Services        Norma Macsween (Contact)

    Domestic                Norma Sykes

                        Moira Mackenzie

IT                    Mark Stainton (Contact)

Nursing                Kath Mace

St Brendans            Laura Jane Johnstone (Contact)

Uist & Barra (Admin)    Mustapha Hocine (Contact)

Radiology                Gillian Macdonald

Union Learning Reps    Gillian Macdonald

                        Elaine Macleod


11.    AOCB            

Janet Marshall advised the meeting that the new website will be available soon.

The chair thanked everyone for attending the AGM and presented the guests with small gifts for their support.

The meeting closed at 3pm

Jane Montgomery                Steward

Anna Nicolson                    Member

Norma Macsween                Contact

Joyce Murray                    Member    

Stephan Smit                    Vice Chair

Elaine Macleod                Member

Alison Maciver                    Member

Margaret-Ann Maciver            Member 

Marina Maclean                Member

George Maciver                Member

Richard Galloway                Steward

Janet Marshall                    Steward

Maggie Macdonald                Member

Margaret Smith                Member

Moira Sykes                    Steward

Margaret Morrison                Member

Mary Ann Campbell                Member

Reinier Latanstein Van Vosat         Member

Ross Munro                    Member

Ann Macdonald                Member

Janet Tierney                Secretary 

Catherine M Johnson        Member

Nina Maciver                Member

Gillian Macdonald            Steward        

Mark Stainton                Member        

Ina Macleod                Member        

Alison Macrae                Member

Joan Chisholm                Member

Elaine Mackenzie            Member

Sonja Smit                Member

Mairi Murray                Chair

Willie Duffy                RO

Lena Mackay                Member

Muriel Macdonald            Member

Norman Morrison            Member

Margaret Moar                Member

Kath Mace                Steward

Alistair Morrison            Treasurer

Chris Ann Munro            Steward

Agnes Hodgart                Member