UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Minutes of Meeting 14th January 2014 

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital -6pm


Mairi Murray, Chairperson                                                                                            

Janet Tierney, Secretary

Alistair Morrison,Treasurer

Alison MacVie, Education Officer by VC

Catriona MacAulay, Steward by VC

Janet Marshall, Steward           


1.     Apologies

No apologies received.

2.    Approval of Minutes.

December’s notes were noted.

3.    Treasurers Report

    3.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    The Treasurer reported the balance on 18/12/13 was £16,462.61. There are still several bills to be received.

                The Treasurer and Chairperson are to attend the Scottish Health Committee and Treasurer to attend the Scottish Council in February. These meetings will be booked before the branch account is transferred over to Unity Trust.


4.    Secretary’s Report


    4.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    There was no joiner and leaver report this month.

                        A letter from the Regional office in Glasgow has been received advising they have affiliated to Unison Solidarity International and suggesting we do so as well. The meeting decided to defer this to the next meeting.


5.    Welfare Report

    5.1    Issue:        There is nothing to report on Welfare this month.

6.    Health & Safety

    6.1    Issue:        H&S Meeting

        Discussion:    The last Health and Safety meeting was not quorate. The new Health and Safety Officer Ross Munro attended the meeting.

7.    Education


    7.1    Issue:        Report

    Discussion:    Alison reported the 6 people has shown an interest in the Management Certificate Course, which is a cross union course. Inverness to be given the names of the people interested.

8.    Health Conference


    9.1    Issue:        Health Conference Brighton    

        Discussion:    Treasurer and Chairperson who attend the Scottish Health Committee to attend the National Health Conference in Brighton. Secretary to book the delegates within the next couple of days.

10.     AGM

    10.1    Issue:        Date of AGM

        Discussion:    The AGM has been proposed for 20th March 2014.

11.    AOCB

    11.1    Issue:        Various

        Discussion:    Christmas night out to take place on Friday 17th January in the Caberfeidh Hotel.

Freebies to be ordered for the AGM.

eMREC. The new scanner has arrived to scan the patient’s records for the new electronic patient’s records system. More staff will be required for the transition period. The trial will take place in APU and trainers will be brought in to train staff.

Discussion took place regarding the Branch Assessment. The Branch Executive were happy with the plan and agreed on the priority actions and target dates.

Meeting closed 8.00pm

Date of Next Meeting 

Date:    11th February 2014.

Time:    6.00pm

Venue:    Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital.