UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Tuesday 12th March 2015

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital, 6.00 pm

Mairi Murray        Chairperson            Janet Tierney        Secretary

Stephan Smit        Vice Chairperson            Alistair Morrison        Treasurer

Kath Mace        Welfare Officer            Alison MacVie        Education Officer

Catriona MacAulay      Steward (VC)            Janet Marshall        Communication Officer

1.    Apologies

    Apologies have been received from Moira Sykes and Richard Galloway.

2.    Approval of Minutes

    The minutes of the meeting held on 17th March 2015 were approved by Janet Marshall and     Stephan Smit.

3.    Matters Arising

    3.1    Issue:        Attendance at Branch meetings

        Discussion:    Very few Stewards attend.

        Action:    Janet Tierney to encourage all Stewards to attend meetings.

    3.2    Issue:        Pay as if at Work PAIAW

        Discussion:    Mairi Morrison and Janet Tierney together with Elizabeth Shelby (RCN) recently met with Jenny Porteous Director of HR to discuss the implications of the Scotland wide Pay as at Work             scheme.  Backdating these arrears of pay to 2008 could cost NHS WI approximately £500,000 under Agenda for Change.  When discussed at a recent APF, UNISON were informed of a delay to the process as         the reports were not ready.  Reassurance was NOT given that this would be sorted quickly, therefore even more arrears will be accruing during any delay.

4.    Treasurer's Report

    4.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    Alistair Morrison submitted a report stating that at 30th April 2015 the     accounts were:

                Current Account            £18322.71

                Industrial Action Fund        £378.69

                Chairperson Altocard        £498.91

                Secretary Altocard        £499.49

                Treasurer Altocard        £442.79

                Petty Cash             £3.55

                Total                £20146.14

        Forthcoming financial commitments will include training, conference and meeting costs, and consideration is to be given to holding a     meeting in the Southern Isles.

        There are currently 348 members.

    4.2    Issue:        Donations given

        Discussion:    £200 was paid to support Glasgow Homeless Caseworkers on strike and £200 was paid to the Glasgow Foodbank.  The Branch was told that some of the recent donation to the local Foodbank                 has gone to the Southern Isles.

    4.3    Issue:         Request for donation considered

        Discussion:     It was agreed that £50 be donated to the Nae Pasaran project, 

        Action:        MM to contact them.

    4.4     Issue:        Promotional items for Student Nurse sessions and inductions

        Discussion:     Stocks are getting low of items to give away, 

        Action:    JT to look at the catalogue and suggestions to be made for the next meeting.

    4.5    Issue:        Branch Bank Account

        Discussion:    Branch bank accounts are changing from the Unity Bank to Natwest in July 2015, the account number will stay the same but the sort code is changing.  No Unity cheques to be written from                 July 2015, any branch of RBS may be used in the future.  ALTO cards will continue as normal.

5.    Secretary's Report

    5.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    In March there were 2 joiners and 1 leaver, In April there were 7 joiners and no leavers.  4 of the joiners were from Blar Buidhe.  The target for membership/joiners has been exceeded.

        Action:    JT to contact these new members and invite them to become Stewards.

6.    Welfare Officer's Report

        Issue:        Reports

        Discussion:    Kath Mace attended a recent meeting and hopes to attend the Welfare AGM.  Thanks has been received from the recipient of a gift.

7,    Training Officer's Report

    7.1    Issue:        Organising Steward Training

        Discussion:    The next new Steward training course is at the County Hotel 2nd - 5th June, UNISON WI Health branch has 2 attending so far.  

        Action:     KM to contact Jane Atkinson regarding completing the Steward training.

    7.2    Issue:        Other courses

        Discussion:    Many of the mainland training courses have been cancelled, JM noted that the Writing Skills course she was due to attend  was cancelled through poor take up.

8.    National Conference

        Issue:        Delegates

        Discussion:    In addition to KM and JM attending, as the National Conference is being held in Glasgow, it has been agreed that this Branch would like to send more visitors.  

        Action:        Alison MacVie to find out if she can attend as a visitor.

10.    AOCB

    10.1    Issue:        Industrial Law

        Discussion:    AM reported that an email was received from Rhoda Grant, MSP Highlands and Islands, that the law is changing for employees of public bodies: before industrial action is taken, 40% of              those eligible to vote must be in favour.  

        Action:    SM to approach the UNISON branch of the local council and Rhoda Grant for a discussion.

    10.2    Issue:        Local Integration

        Discussion:    As Integration of certain sections of NHSWI and CnES continues it was agreed that a local UNISON Integration evening be held soon.

        Action:    MM to contact Ken Matthews regarding integration of local branches, and the feasibility of having a local co-ordinator.  SS to attend if possible.

    10.3.    Issue:         Scottish Terms and Conditions

        Discussion:    A request for details of the Injury Allowance in STAC has been sent by HR to Willie Hamilton. 

        Action:        MM to respond.

    10.4    Issue:        Southern Isles    

        Discussion:    Catriona MacAulay reported that there are many staff changing and at present staff are feeling stretched.

    10.5    Issue:        Agenda for Change

        Discussion:    A new edition of the Scottish Agenda for Change is available.

Meeting closed 7:30pm

Date of Next Meeting

Date:        Tuesday 9th June

Time        6:00pm

Venue:        Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital