UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Minutes of Meeting Tuesday 11th November 2014 

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital 6pm



Mairi Murray, Chairperson

Janet Tierney, Secretary

Alistair Morrison, Treasurer

Catriona MacAulay, Steward VC failed

Moira Sykes, Steward


1.     Apologies

    Apologies have been received from Kath Mace, Alison MacVie, Janet Marshall

2.    Approval of Minutes.

    The minutes of October’s meeting were approved by Moira Sykes.

3.    Matters Arising

    3.1    Issue:        Health & Social Care Integration

        Discussion:    Groups have been set up to look at Workforce and Finance work streams. The Employee Director has asked for staffside to sit on the groups.There has been no agreement yet from the Council for staffside representation, advice is being sought from the Governance Group. NHS staff governance standards state staffside representation is required.

    3.2    Issue:        Holiday Pay

        Discussion:    A mailshot with information on Holiday Pay is to go out to all members. We are awaiting more information from the Regional Office.

    3.3    Issue:        Pension Meeting

        Discussion:    Murdo Macleod and Elizabeth Shelby have volunteered attend the Pension Meetings on the mainland.

    3.4    Issue:        Mileage Allowance

        Discussion:    If staff have a problem paying back the over payments they can speak to the Finance Dept and arrange a reduced payment. 

4.    Treasurers Report

    4.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    The Treasurer submitted a report stating the balance on 31st October 2014 was:

                Current Account-£17,658.32

                Industrial Action Fund-£378.69

                ALTO Card- A.Morrison-£500.

                ALTO Card-M.Murray-£226.73

                ALTO Card-J Tierney-£26.73

                Total- £18,497.75

                The ALTO Cards need topped up. Secretary to look at the process on-line. 

                Kath Mace is away for Stewards Training in Glasgow the weekend on 6th November 2014.

                Meeting agreed to donate £50 to the Kurdistan appeal.


5.    Secretary’s Report


    5.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    October’s membership figures are 1 Joiner and 3 Leavers. The Joint Branch Assessment plans have to be completed with the Regional Organiser between January and the AGM.


6.    Welfare Report

    6.1    Issue:        Report

    Discussion:    No Report.

7.    Health & Safety

    7.1    Issue:        H & S Committee Meeting 

        Discussion:    The date for the next meeting is 1st December 2014. The Employee Director has asked as many staffside as possible to attend.

Another H&S walk round has been completed with Ross Munro and Mairi Murray. They visited the Kitchen, Medical 1 and Stores.

8.    Education


    8.1    Issue:        Report

    Discussion:     The CMI course which was to start in November has been postponed to January 2015.

9.    HV Implementation Group-No Report

10.    AGM

    10.1    Issue:        AGM

        Discussion:    The date has to be set for the AGM. To be discussed at the next meeting.

Meeting closed 8.00pm

Date of Next Meeting 

Date:    Tuesday 9th December 2014.

Time:    6.00pm

Venue:    Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital.