UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Notes of Meeting 11th February 2014 

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital 6pm


Mairi Murray, Chairperson

Janet Tierney, Secretary

Janet Marshall, Steward

Moira Sykes, Steward

Ken Matthews, Regional Officer              


1.     Apologies

Apologies have been received from Alison McVie, Catriona MacAulay and Alistair Morrison.

2.    Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of January’s meeting were noted and to be approved at next meeting.

3.    Matters Arising

    3.1    Issue:             Health & Safety

        Discussion:    The Chairperson had a meeting with Ross Munro the new H&S Adviser. It is recommended that staffside have more H&S reps, if not available from staffside it is suggested we ask members to volunteer.

4.    Treasurers Report

    4.1    Issue:        No report.



5.    Secretary’s Report


    5.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    There were 2 joiners and no leavers last month.RCN have announced they will not be providing Indemnity Insurance for their members in future. This is something we should promote and use as a recruitment tool. Ken to see if UNISON have any flyers we can distribute to staff.

We discussed how UNISON can obtain members views on Integration. Ken advised UNISON is one union and represents members from Local Government and the NHS. We will be having joint UNISON discussions with LG and NHS. There has been no staffside agreement on the best model and little consultation. Members views will be sought when we have discussions with our LG colleagues.


6.    Welfare Report

    6.1    Issue:        There is nothing to report on Welfare this month.

7.    Health & Safety

    6.1    Issue:        H&S Meeting

        Discussion:    The last Health and Safety meeting was not quorate. The new Health and Safety Officer Ross Munro attended the meeting.

8.    AGM


    8.1    Issue:        AGM will be held on 20th March 2014 in the Clinical Skills Area

    Discussion:    We hope to have the President of UNISON Maureen Le Marinel, Tam Waterson, Mark Ferguson and Mike Kirby attend the meeting. Ken Matthews will also attend. We will supply lunch before the meeting which will start at 1.30pm. Ballot papers have been sent out to members.

9.    Health Conference


    9.1    Issue:        Health Conference Brighton    

        Discussion:    Treasurer and Chairperson have been booked to attend the conference as delegates. .

10.     AOCB

    10.1    Issue:        Domestics

        Discussion:    Some of the Domestics would like to have a meeting with UNISON reps. The domestic steward will collate their issues first then the branch executive will meet with them for discussion. Domestic steward to be sent a list of domestic members.

Meeting closed 7.20pm

Date of Next Meeting 

Date:    11th March 2014.

Time:    6.00pm

Venue:    Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital.