UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Tuesday 10th January 2017

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital

Mairi Murray        Chair

Stephan Smit        Vice Chair

Janet Marshall        Communication Officer

Moira Sykes        Steward

Gillian Macdonald    Steward

1. Apologies 

Jane Montgomery, Alistair Morrison, Kath Mace, Chris Ann Munro, Richard Galloway

2.  Minutes of last meeting


2.1 Matters arising

Flora is yet to be contacted re joint working, GM to contact her to invite to next meeting and find out about the forthcoming AGM of CnES UNISON. 

Stephan to contact IT re a generic email address.

Band 1 review has gone well, only one person wishes to remain on that banding.

GM has refunded monies to AM

3. Treasurers Report:  

No update 


Individual assessments have started and are being worked through steadily.

5. Education

Following changing guidelines in the Communications Committee of UNISON Scotland, JTM requested to go on ther “Dealing with the Media” course in March.

6. Communication

6.1 JTM has continued to campaign for better support for the most remote branches. 

6.2 An up to date list of members was requested.    


7.1 AGM

Date to be confirmed, to be the same as that of CnES UNISON branch, MM to approach Janet Tierney to be guest speaker.

7.2 Computer access

There are issue of lack of computer access for cleaners and other staff that do not use a computer as part of their work which means they cannot access LearnPro etc. SS to write to the appropriate managers.

7.3 Christmas night out 

This has been arranged at the Boatshed at 7:00pm on Friday 20th January.

Date of next meeting: 13th February 2017

Classroom, Education Unit, WIH