UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

9th June 2015

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital, 6.00 pm

Mairi Murray        Chairperson            Janet Tierney        Secretary

Stephan Smit        Vice Chairperson        Janet Marshall        Communication Office                        Moira Sykes        Steward


1.    Apologies

Apologies have been received from Kath Mace, Alistair Morrison ,Norma Macsween, Alison MacVie, Catriona Macaulay.

2.    Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 12thMay 2015 were approved with amendment to 3.2, Mairi Morrison amended to Mairi Murray.

3.    Matters Arising

    3.1    Issue:        Nae Pasaran

Discussion:    The Nae Pasaran funding project has been closed and they have reached their target so we will not be making a donation.


    3.2    Issue:        Pay as at Work

Discussion:    There will be an update at the next APF meeting regarding the current status of the PAAW issue.

    3.3    Issue:        Meeting with Rhoda Grant

        Discussion:    There has been no further update on the meeting with Rhoda Grant.

    3.4    Issue:        Health & Social Care Integration

Discussion:    There will be 4 people from the Health Board going on the Joint Integration Board and 4 people from CNES. It has to be decided how many staffside will sit on the board, there will be representatives from CNES and the Health Board. It has been agreed we will have Health and Care Integration as an Agenda item in future. 

4.    Treasurer's Report

    4.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    Alistair Morrison submitted a report stating that at 31st May 2015 the                 accounts were:

                Current Account        £17316.59

                Industrial Action Fund    £378.69

                Chairperson Altocard        £498.64

                Secretary Altocard        £499.49

                Treasurer Altocard        £498.58

                Petty Cash             £3.55

                Total                £19195.54

    4.2    Issue:        Cancelled Meetings

Discussion:    The Chairperson informed the meeting she was due to attend a meeting on the mainland but it was cancelled at short notice. As a result of this accommodation costs were lost. UNISON were asked to refund the cost to our branch but this was refused as there is no budget. In future we should book accommodation with a cancellation clause incase this happens again. Flights should also be booked with the option to make amendments.


    4.3    Issue:        Student Nurse Fees

Discussion:    Nationally UNISON is advising branches should pay the Student Nurse Fees for the 3 years, instead of supplying freebies and dictionaries. The meeting agreed to pay the fees over the 3 year period and also to provide some freebies. Freebies will also be ordered for the Induction Day as well.

5.    Secretary's Report

    5.1    Issue:        Report

        Discussion:    In May there were 5 joiners and 4 leavers.


6.    Welfare Officer's Report

        Issue:        Reports

        Discussion:    No Report

7,    Education Officer’s Report

    7.1    Issue:        ERA Training

Discussion:    The Refresher training for Stewards is due to be held on Wednesday 1st July 2015. 


8.    Health & Safety

    8.1    Issue:        Health & Safety Meeting

Discussion:    The next Health & Safety Meeting will be held on Monday 29th June 2015. Stewards are requested to attend if they can        

9.    AOCB

    9.1    Issue:        I Matter Workshops

Discussion:    There are several I Matter Workshops scheduled for 16th July & 17th July, staffside are invited to attend.


9.2    Issue:        Staff Survey

Discussion:    The next Staff Survey is due out in a few months, all staff are encouraged to complete it.

    9.3    Issue:        Staff Governance Committee     Representation

        Discussion:    Stephan has agreed to sit on the Staff Governance Committee.

    9.4    Issue:        Communication Meeting

Discussion:    The Communications Officer attended a weekend communication meeting and at our next Branch Meeting will give a 10mins Presentation on Social Media    .

    9.5    Issue:         Trip to Barra and Uist

Discussion:    The Chairperson and Secretary will be going to Barra and Uist on 14th & 15th July to visit members.  The next scheduled Branch meeting on 14th July 2015 has therefore been postponed to 21st July 2015


Meeting closed 7:45pm

Date of Next Meeting

Date:        Tuesday 21st July 2015-PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE.

Time        6:00pm

Venue:        Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital