UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Minutes of Meeting 9th February 2016

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital, 6.00 pm

Janet Tierney        Secretary            Alistair Morrison    Treasurer

Moira Sykes        Steward            Mairi Murray        Chairperson

Stephen Smit        Vice Chairperson                            


1.    Apologies

Apologies have been received from Catriona Macaulay, Alison MacVie, Janet Marshall, Kath Mace, Richard Galloway.

2.    Approval of Minutes

January’s minutes were approved.

3.    Matters Arising


    3.1    Issue:        Highland Resource Meeting

Discussion:    No one was able to attend this meeting.


3.2    Issue:        OLBA Training

Discussion:    The Chairperson and Treasurer attended this training and the Branch are required to set a budget for the year. A date needs to be arranged soon for the budget to be set.

4.    Treasurer's Report

        Issue:        Report

                Discussion:    Alistair Morrison submitted a report stating that at the 31st January 2016 the accounts were:

                Current Account        £16,755.84

                Industrial Action Fund    £378.69

                Chairperson Altocard    £508.24

                Secretary Altocard        £174.59

                Treasurer Altocard        £32.87

                Petty Cash             £23.43

                Total                £17,873.66


There are 10 cheques outstanding at a total value of £1,807.26. 3 are from 2015 and 7 from 2016 

The Treasurer presented a draft of the Annual Accounts for discussion. The books will be audited in the                 next week and the final accounts will then be submitted.

5.    Secretary's Report

        Issue:        Report

Discussion:    Joiners 4, Leavers 5. The Secretary and Chairperson will attend the Scottish Health Committee             meeting in Glasgow next week.



6.    Welfare Officer's Report

        Issue:        Report



7.    Health & Safety

        Issue:        Health & Safety Report

Discussion:    There will be a Health & Safety Meeting held on 18th February 2016 at 10am in the Health Board Offices. The Chairperson will send an email to staffside to see if any can attend.

8.    Education Officer’s Report

        Issue:        No Report

Discussion:    ULRs are required for the Branch. Marta Chaba the Regional Learning and Development Organiser has emailed to say she would like to attend one of our meetings to discuss. She has advised she may

attend the March meeting, meantime it has been suggested we put an email out to members asking if any are interested.

9.    Health & Social Care Integration

    Issue:        Report

Discussion:    The last meeting of the Workforce group was held recently. A new group is to be formed. There is going to be a HRF set up for the Integrated Board. The Chairperson attended the board meeting for the IJB which was held recently, the next one will be held in March.

10.    Trade Union Bill

    Issue:        Information

        Discussion:    The Trade Union Bill did not go through the House of Lords.

11.      AGM

           Issue:    AGM Date

           Discussion:    Dave Watson has suggested we contact Willie Duffy as he is the most appropriate person to deliver a     Pension Presentation. Willie has accepted the Branch’s invitation and will deliver the Pension presentation and also give     a talk on the Band 1 Review.  The AGM invite letters will go out to members next week and posters will be displayed     soon.

           Issue:    Health Conference

           Discussion:    We need another Delegate to accompany Mairi to the Conference in April.        

12.    AOCB    :    PAIAW-There are major issues with Hotel Services staff no getting paid properly after the functionality button has been switched on. The Chairperson has discussed this with the Assistant Hotel Services Manager and an auditor is coming in to look at the issues. The Band 1 Review is progressing and Stephan Smit will be the UNISON lead for discussions with the employer.

Meeting closed at 7.00pm

Date of Next Meeting

Date:    Tuesday 8th March 2016

Time        6:00pm

Venue:    Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital