UNISON Branch Executive Meeting

Minutes of Meeting 8th December 2015

Classroom, Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital, 6.00 pm

Janet Tierney        Secretary            Stephan Smit        Vice Chair

Alison McVie        StewardVC        Mairi Murray        Chairperson

Alistair Morrison    Treasurer                        


1.    Apologies

Apologies have been received from Catriona Macaulay, Kath Mace and Janet Marshall

2.    Approval of Minutes

Novembers minutes were approved with amendments to sections 3, 7.2, 9.1, 9.2, 10.1, 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3.

3.    Matters Arising


    3.1    Issue:        N/A


4.    Treasurer's Report

        Issue:        Report

                Discussion:    Alistair Morrison submitted a report stating that at 30th November 2015 the accounts were:

                Current Account        £16,594.60

                Industrial Action Fund    £378.69

                Chairperson Altocard        £498.77

                Secretary Altocard        £499.26

                Treasurer Altocard        £465.95

                Petty Cash             £23.43

                Total                £18,460.70


The Treasurer reported 4 UNISON cheques were still to be cashed to the value of £575.00. The Secretary advised UNISON diaries are on order and should be delivered before Christmas. The Treasurer and Chairperson will be attending OLBA training in Edinburgh on Tuesday 15th December 2015.


5.    Secretary's Report

        Issue:        Report

Discussion:    Joiners 2, Leavers 1. The Branch are still above their target recruitment figure.



6.    Welfare Officer's Report

        Issue:        No report.



7.    Health & Safety

        Issue:        Health & Safety Report

Discussion:    The Chairperson and Health and Safety Adviser did a recent walk around and visited the Works Dept workshops, Day Surgery and High Dependency. A few issues were raised and are being addressed.

8,    Education Officer’s Report

        Issue:        Report

Discussion:     The Counselling course which was to be held in November has been postponed to January/February. Information has gone out to members to register if interested. Alison has details of a Media course for young people which will be sent out to the members on email.

9.    Health & Social Care Integration

    Issue:        Report

Discussion:    The Joint Partnership Workforce Group has been meeting regularly and the next meeting will be held this week. Stephan was at a meeting on the mainland recently which included Directors from other boards who have reported deadlines regarding integration are slipping.

10.    Trade Union Bill

    Issue:        Information

            Discussion:    The Chairperson has asked APF to produce a joint statement rejecting the Trade Union Bill. Statements from other boards will be sourced and NHS WI will agree a statement similar to the other boards.

11.    AOCB    :    The Management Team Structure for the IJB has been produced and will be

                                    discussed at the next workforce planning meeting.                      

            The Christmas night out is to be booked for 22nd January 2016.


Meeting closed at 7.20pm

Date of Next Meeting

Date:        Tuesday 12th January 2016

Time            6:00pm

Venue:        Education Unit, Western Isles Hospital